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Grow Your Congregation with 5 Easter Marketing Tips

Easter Marketing Tip for Churches

Having a larger congregation has many benefits for churches, from improved funding for important programs, to fellowship, and skills diversity which comes in handy with volunteer programs.  Easter is the biggest Christian holiday outside of Christmas.  It’s this reason that it’s the perfect time to appeal to potential congregation members with your best efforts using some Easter marketing tactics.  Potential members are more likely to respond when you have a celebration like Easter Services with a before or after ice breaking element that lets them get to know who you are as a Church.

You can grow your congregation with these 5 simple Easter Marketing Tips:

Get in front of your neighborhood by welcoming them at their front door with a very inviting door hanger.  Use both sides with a custom design showcasing what your Church will do to celebrate Easter Services and share the Church personality with your potential new congregation members.   Add a perforated card at the bottom to introduce yourself during services.  Ask the new member to fill it out with a note and have a drop box to place it in.  During services, welcome new guests with their introduction note to engage and welcome your new guests with the purpose of converting your guests into choosing your Church as their place of worship.

Invite your local neighborhood using over-sized postcards and every door direct mail (EDDM) to share your Church events at Easter.  Send a postcard each week reminding that your Church is always available, here, and reliable in showing up just like you do during regular scheduled events, services, special programs, festivals, and all that makes your Church special. Using EDDM to invite your neighbors to become congregation members saves you money on postage by selecting carrier routes to insert your postcard in rather than needing an address file.  We help you select the best routes and explain the process thoroughly.  We can custom design your postcards and help you grow your congregation this Easter.   Use lawn signs to attract neighborhood guests.  Ask congregation members to host your signs in their yard.

Easter Marketing for Churches

Host an Easter Open House and engage your prospective congregation members in an informal way as to make new members feel comfortable.  Use branded invitations and mail directly to your local neighborhood. We can help you target your local neighborhood and send custom invitations to your closest neighbors. Be sure to have all Church volunteers and administration wear name badges so they are easily approachable.  This also helps new and existing members feel more comfortable in situations where social interaction can cause anxiety.  Provide stick on name tags for congregation to write their name on, also making it easy to interact with existing and new members.

After church services, be sure to have retractable banners with your church’s mantras and bible verses where your members congregate and chat.  Visual reminders inspire your members to be more engaged and involved with the church.  Consider advertising your annual retreats at your Easter Open House.  Use QR codes to drive members to your website where they may find out more details and purchase tickets. Provide printed calendar of events flyer that congregation may take home and magnet to the fridge…and you know it, print branded church magnets.

Host a Children’s’ Easter Production to bring your congregation together with parents and children alike, encouraging community and fellowship.  Sell printed tickets after services to increase funds for additional special community programs.  Have a printed show program where parents can buy space to congratulate their little one.  

Reaching your local community is one of our specialties at Printex Printing and Graphics. When you’re ready to grow your congregation, give us a ring and we’re here to help.  We provide custom design services, print project management, as well as we have our low cost, self-serve ecommerce site where you may save some money and order what you need.  Looking forward to helping you grow your congregation this Easter.