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Event Marketing that Delivers 10% Conversion Rates

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Event Marketing for Results

Event marketing is one of the most exciting marketing engagement opportunities there are.  Your opportunity is typically an immediate next sales step in the sales funnel, meaning you directly get to interact with your client .  The ratio of prospects to company staff  is much smaller as you want to engage one on one with as many potential and current clients to set up your next engagement.  When you think of events, it can be as small as a 10-person lunch and learn to as big as an industry trade show like the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas.

Event marketing conversion rates are much more expensive with a much greater value and rate of return.  Event marketing has shown up to 50% response rate but is much more reliable at the 10% conversion rate.  This makes it as much exciting as it does lucrative.  The important element to understand here is that every detail counts for every prospect you invite.  This means you need to give every single prospect the time, value, and opportunity to engage with you during your event.  One of the basics it boils down to is, “Do you have enough qualified sales talent to work your event?”  Only invite the number of people you can graciously host.

You should plan your 1st event 6 months in advance so you can be sure to have everything buttoned up for success.  Once you have your marketing event plan down, you can start to sequentially schedule these as fast as your sales team can follow up on the last event, book meetings to close sales, and move on to the next conquest.  It’s amazing how events work to weed out the folks that are not qualified and deliver people that are.  The psychology of this phenomenon is rooted in face to face engagement; people that don’t want to show up for a free lunch if they are going to have to be accountable and talk to someone, won’t show up.  And this point is important – your invitation should be clear on what the goal of the event is.  You are here to help with free advice and lunch, but you are also here to sell your product or service.

Event Marketing Planning 101

What is your goal?

Let’s use Insurance Policy Sales as an example for your goal.  We’re all familiar with the traditional cold call or family/friend that is or knows someone that is an Insurance Sales Associate.  Now consider the differentiator in this market.  The person willing to give of their time and resources will earn more recognition than the person only asking of the prospects’ time.  In marketing, its known that you must give to get.  The ‘give’ is always different. In 2020, people appreciate genuine people, “do you care” is a big concern.  Inviting them with proper care, attention, and value is greatly rewarded as shown by many B:B event marketing case studies.

Who do you Invite to Your Event?

Do you have prospective clients that have been evaluating or considering your services?  If so, be sure to include them. Engagement and interaction results in sales.  Simple direct marketing relies on more numbers in, more sales in.  Mailing branded invitations with an inserted handwritten note is a nice touch for people you know.  Getting invitations in the mail is one of life’s greatest surprises!

Location, Location, Location: Your next option is to market to customers in your neighborhood; this addresses convenience and trust.  People that reside near you feel a connection to you due to your common preferences of location.  These same folks typically want to fuel the local businesses as it increased their home value to be in a thriving community.  And most importantly, these same people will not have to go far to attend your event.

You can affordably market to your local customers using Every Door Direct Mail.  This means reduced postage and no list rental fees; simply select mail carrier routes to deliver your postcard to.  Response rates have provided up to 5%.  For the real-life scenario, you would mail 1,500 local residents a postcard invitation.  Your response will range from 30-75 people that will attend  your consumer event.

Be sure to capture value at every angle possible. As a method to increase attendance, you should ask for an RSVP via phone or online form where you capture email addresses. Email addresses in addition to mailed marketing increase conversion.  The DMA has shown physical mail to deliver the highest response rate of all media, though when adding email to print, you get an even greater response.

Event Marketing Details

There is nothing superior to making your prospects have a good time.  This can come in many forms for event marketing, including:

  • Have an event theme and make it relevant to your industry
  • When having a space among others – have your branded pop-up tent to stand out
  • All events need retractable banners to give directions as well as brand inside the event
  • Provide valuable information with an agenda to set expectations and keep prospect’s attention
  • Be sure to include the audience in your presentation by asking for poll questions and raising of hands.
  • Food and beverages with branded menus on back of agenda.
  • Enter to Win with prize announcements every 15 minutes during your event.
  • Branded take home note pads and relevant promo gear for your industry.
  • Don’t forget the thoughtful handwritten thank you note.

Including these elements to your event has shown to increase conversion.  Give us a ring (949) 586-3800 when you’re ready to start the planning process for your next event.  We’ll help make your next event special and memorable to your prospective clients.