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Call (949) 586-3800 to discuss your next print project.
Pink Blue Seashell Wedding Invitations

Printex Printing and Graphics is a leader in Orange County, CA for Wedding Invitation Printing and Design. There is so much planning to do and things that need to be created and done before your wedding day. It can get really busy in the blink of an eye, and you need a printing company that does everything from save the date announcements, to rehearsal dinner invitations, to your menu design and of course, your wedding invitations and custom wedding thank you cards or stationery. Printex Printing and Graphics in Orange County, CA has you covered and can print everything you need for your wedding. Here is a little list of everything we can do to help ensure your special day is a little less stressful so you can rest at ease.

Wedding Invitations

Regardless of whether or not you include several other printed wedding items in your wedding invitation envelopes, you need wedding invitations. You can choose from a wide variety of ready-to-print styles, designs and fonts, as well as your text that you want printed in or on each invitation. You can also request custom wedding invitations. Let Printex Printing and Graphics create your Wedding Invitation Printing and Design.

Custom Wedding Invitations and Destination Invitations

Custom wedding invitations often include more unique designs, colors, and styles. Working with one of the printing experts at the company, you can request tropical wedding invitations that reflect your wedding theme of tropical destinations, warmth, romance and a honeymoon everyone dreams of. Destination wedding invitations are invitations that announce that you will be married somewhere else than in your home state or county/territory. Destination wedding invitations and tropical wedding invitations often overlap, but you can still get some amazing and unique invitations for your wedding.

Budget Wedding Invitations

Budget wedding invitations do not have to be plain to be affordable. There are many styles of affordable invitations that are still classy and attractive. One such option is the vertical wedding invitation.

Vertical wedding invitations are often a single sheet of paper imprinted with a simple wedding announcement. It contains just enough information for your guests to know that you are getting married, where the wedding will be held, on the date and time it will be held and how they should RSVP. Vertical wedding invitations can be printed on colored paper or with colored inks to make them attractive but simple in their affordability.

Letterpress Wedding Invitations

These unique invitations look very much like the pressed and type-set bookplates of old books. People love them for their classic and antique appearance. They also love letterpress wedding invitations because they work well for older couples marrying and for couples who both have a love affair with books. The single vertical print announcements are printed in whatever color you want on the back of whatever color paper you request. They are extremely simple, but quite elegant and affordable.

Other Printed Wedding Materials

If your budget is larger and has more breathing room, you might want to include several other printed inserts in your envelopment wedding invitations. These end up being very thick and very heavy print wedding invitations that have menu printing for the meal at your reception, a request to respond to the menu printing for what guests would like to eat, wedding announcements, wedding invitations, save the date cards and event change cards.

The last two printed items, save the date cards and event change cards, are meant for your guests to remember to take your wedding day off of work and come to the event, and to let you know if something has come up and they will not be able to attend. Most couples love these last two printed items because then they feel as though they don’t have to keep reminding guests about what is going to happen or have to keep after guests to make sure guests are still coming.

Wedding announcements can be separate from the invitations. Essentially the wedding announcements announce that you are getting married, it’s a joyous occasion, who’s involved with the ceremony, etc.. The actual invitations inside the envelopment wedding invitations packet are printed with a greeting and invite guests to attend and respond to the invite by an expected date.

Engagement Announcements

If you really want your engagement to be widely known and get people to start thinking about attending a wedding, engagement announcements are printed just for that. Some couples also have an engagement photo taken to put inside the announcements. A basic announcement or a fancier announcement with a paper frame for an engagement photo is common practice.

Menus for Weddings

Inside a larger envelope of all things related to your wedding you can request a printed dinner menus for guests. If you have actually decided upon a caterer and/or the food choices to be served, you can have someone in the printing company do a menu design that matches your invitations and other printed wedding materials. If you haven’t decided on who to hire for the food part of your wedding just yet, you can wait to create the menus for weddings after you have that secured.

Table Tents

No, these are not outdoor tents you set up so that guests can be dry. These are the little placeholder cards at the head of each placement on a table. They are called table tents because they are neatly folded to create a triangle on which your guests’ names are printed. Wait until all of your guests have RSVP’ed, or you will have extra printing costs for these that you may not want.

Personal Thank You Notes

Before you print wedding invitations and order save the date announcements, consider the possibility of writing handwritten thank you notes to all of your guests after the wedding on custom wedding stationery. You can have this stationery printed up at any time. You can even get a head start on writing thank yous as gifts trickle in from your registries or guests respond and confirm their intent to attend. Otherwise you can order the stationery at the same time as your invitations, save the date announcements and table tents, or whatever else you want and need for your big day.

Printex Printing and Graphics Prints A Wide Range of Wedding Materials and Announcements for Your Special Day

If you are eager to get started on planning and printing all of the materials and products you will need to invite guests to your wedding and announce your nuptials, Printex can help with your Wedding Invitation Printing and Design. We custom design any type of invitation for your wedding and/or engagement. Fell free to view our portfolio of samples or, if you’re local to OC, stop on in! Our gallery of products and samples is sure to strike your fancy.