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Menu Printing and Design for Restaurants

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Menu Printing and Design for Restaurants

In a lot of ways, having a good quality set of menus is one of the most important aspects of running a restaurant. A menu doesn’t just tell the customers what they can order: it presents the dishes in an attractive way, makes the food look appetizing, and puts them in the mood for their night of eating out. You can go bold with full-color photographs of crisp salads and sizzling burgers, or you can stick with a black-and-white menu with mouth-watering descriptions of delicious food. Either way, this is your shot to sell your product and make your customers crave the dish before it reaches the table.

But to do all that, you need a good menu design. At Printex Printing and Graphics, we offer design and printing services for a wide range of menus, from takeout menus to square menus to menus for weddings to oversized menus and the like. Your restaurant or catering service needs to look sharp and profession and our expertly designed menus printed on high-quality paper or cardstock, we can make you stand out from the rest! We can handle all kinds of print job sizes such as short runs or large orders, and we’ll work quickly and efficiently to make sure your menus are ready to hand out as soon as your business opens. Need a digital PDF version to upload to your website as well? No problem!

When you pay to eat out at a restaurant, you wouldn’t settle for less than the best. Why should you settle for less for your customers? Here’s what Printex Printing and Graphics in Laguna Hills, CA can do for you and your restaurant, bistro, dock bar or roof top lounge:

Dine-In Menus

Every restaurant needs a set of dine-in menus. A good menu is nearly as important as the dishes themselves–if your menu is cluttered, badly printed, or hard to read, your customers will be confused and frustrated before they even order their meal. Ordering a set of professionally printed menus might seem expensive at first, but it’s well worth the investment. What seems more professional to you: a menu photocopied on printer paper, or a menu printed on sturdy cardstock with clean text and full-color graphics? You’d notice the difference, so you can bet that your customers will.

With our expert graphic design services, we’ll craft a clean, polished menu with attractive fonts, eye-catching images, and a tasteful design that reflects the atmosphere of your restaurant. From cheerful 60s-inspired diners to formal sit-down restaurants, we’ve got the tools and expertise to set the tone for the rest of your guests’ visit. You can choose from a full-color menu with brilliant photographs or a simpler design that lets the text tell the story. Either way, our attractive dine-in menus let your customers know that they’re in for a relaxing evening of food and conversation.

Takeout Menus

We’ve all been there: you’re sitting in the kitchen, trying to figure out what to make for dinner. Then you see a folded takeout menu sitting on the counter. “Hey!” you think. “Why don’t I just get takeout?”

Takeout menus are a great way to drive business to your restaurant and build a base of returning customers. You can hand out menus at the front counter and pass them out at community events. With a take-home menu, your customers can figure out what they want and place an order before they even leave the house. It’s convenient for them and essentially free advertising for you–what better way to remind customers of your restaurant than to place an advertisement right in their own homes?

We offer a wide range of simple take-home menus that get the point across without demanding that you spend extra money on cardstock or full-color pages. They’re easy-to-read and can be folded and placed into a purse or handbag for later perusal.

Menus for Weddings

Wedding menus aren’t just fun and formal–they’re also intimate and specialized to that special day. They give your guests the chance to see what’s on the menu and plan ahead if they have food allergies or other dietary preferences. A wedding menu also gives your guests the sense that they’re participating in a formal sit-down event that involves the proper attention and respect. And you can customize your menu with the name of the Bride and Groom to make it a take-home keepsake gift that you and your guests will treasure from your special day.

Whether you’re looking for something fun and feisty or a timeless, elegant design, we’ll craft a wedding menu that sets the tone for your event–and the rest of your lives together. Our menus are printed on firm, high-quality stock with full-color images and a wide range of fonts to choose from.

Folded Menus

Cramming everything onto one page can be nearly impossible for large restaurants–and if you’re a formal sit-down restaurant, you don’t want to hand your guests a large placard that looks like a kid’s menu. Our folded menus are neat and compact and make it easy for you to fit your dishes on multiple pages. This also improves menu organization, as you can fit appetizers, drinks, main dishes, etc. on different sections of the menu. We offer high-quality printed menus that can be used in the physical storefront, as well as cheaper versions for restaurant to go menus.

Laminated Menus

Crumbs, spilled drinks, and smeared condiments are part of working at a restaurant. And sometimes, your menu takes the brunt of the beating. Give your menus some extra protection by investing in a set of laminated menus. These waterproof menus can stand up to nearly anything: water, soda, food, condiments, and more. To clean them, you’ll simply wipe them down with a rag. And waterproof menus can actually help you save money by allowing you to reuse damaged menus, instead of having to throw them away and buy a new set later on.

Square Menus

Is the traditional rectangular menu not the best fit for your restaurant? Square menus give you more room and allow you to fit everything on one page, rather than fumbling with multiple pages. Our custom menus come in a variety of shapes and sizes that fit just about every restaurant’s unique aesthetic.

Half Page Menus

Got some new specials coming up? Did you add a new section to the menu, but don’t want to reprint the entire thing? Our half page menus allow you to add a new section to your menu or let your customers know about today’s drink specials. We’ll design these custom menus to blend in seamlessly with your current menu layout.

Recycled Menus

If you’re an environmentally-friendly restaurant, there’s no better way to “go green” than to use recycled menu paper. Our recycled menus are just as polished and professional as “traditional” menus, but they’re made from recycled menu paper that would have otherwise been sent to the landfill. Feel good about yourself and your business buy investing in this menu printing service that helps save the environment.

Table Tents

They’re an often-overlooked part of food service, but table tents are a quick, easy way to advertise deals, specials, and new dishes on the menu. You can push extra sales without pressuring the wait staff to lean heavily on customers. A table tent is a simple, subtle way to catch your customer’s attention and make them hungry for more.

Disposable Menu Printing

Sometimes you want a stack of cheap restaurant to go menus that your customers can read once, then toss in the trash when they’re done. With our expert menu design and menu printing services, you’ll have a ready-to-go stash of disposable menus that are clear and readable and made from biodegradable materials. Get in touch with us today to learn more about disposable menu printing.

We can customize virtually every aspect of your project and help you create the exact look and feel you’re envisioning! Take your restaurant’s presentation to the next level with a brand new menu. Printex Printing and Graphics Inc has been providing professional printing and graphics services since 1984, serving all of south Orange County and surrounding areas. We are an environmentally friendly company based in the quaint town of Laguna Hills, CA. We offer free local delivery to the surrounding communities of Laguna Hills, Lake Forest, Irvine, Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo, Laguna Beach, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, San Clemente, Rancho Santa Margarita, Las Flores, Santa Ana, Anaheim and vicinity. For our nationwide customers, we offer drop ship delivery straight to your front door or office!

By providing extraordinary value, super-friendly service, a sense of urgency and cutting edge technology, Printex Printing and Graphics Inc has earned a solid reputation by exceeding our customer’s demands, needs and expectations for over 3 decades.

We look forward to working with you!

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