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Call (949) 586-3800 to discuss your next print project.
Valentines Marketing Tips

Knowing that relevance, creativity, and intrigue (among a few) create customer engagement with your brand, is just the beginning to unlocking your powerhouse marketing.  Your products, services, and brand are always looking for something relevant and engaging to hang their hat on to connect with your current and prospective clients. Let’s leverage one of the easiest American past times to appeal to, HOLIDAYS!

Each year when you prepare your next year’s marketing strategy and initiatives, you should layout your holiday calendar to see which make sense for marketing your brand.  We’ve yet to find a brand that doesn’t work with our sweetheart, Valentines’ Day.  Let’s look at how you can engage your customers when they’re feeling the pressure to be sweet to loved ones and business alike – it’s in the air. 

Valentines’ Day Marketing, as with most marketing, is to accomplish 2 goals:

  1. Acquire new customers
  2. Get repeat business from existing customers

These goals address both you and your customer’s needs; remembering that sometimes not offering your product or service is a disservice. From keeping customers, showing gratefulness, and helping them with their business when they need it, is how a healthy and good business thrives.

Valentine Marketing Tip #1: 

Show Gratefulness and your customers will return to you when they need your product or service.  This may just have been the reminder to make you top of mind to give you a ring, drop by, or hop online and re-order.

As simple as a greeting card seems, your handwritten and well branded Valentine’s day card or letter will provide a reminder that you are thoughtful and creative when it comes to their business.  Add a product tip or relevant business hack to provide unexpected value. 

Add a direct response element to incentivize the client to place an order sooner than later.  A very engaging direct response tool for Valentines Day marketing is a custom printed and branded scratch off lottery style ticket.  Brand your ticket for the holiday and Sweet Savings to offer a discount under the scratch off that expires by the end of the month.

This is much more affordable than you may think – call us for your free quote: 949-586-3800

Valentine Marketing Tip #2: 

Offer new local customers a Valentine’s Day special using Every Day Direct Mail (EDDM) post cards to get more local customers.

Postcards have been shown to be the #1 response tool in the past 3 years, as reported by the Direct Marketing Association’s, Response report.  Brand your card and make a coupon offer, free trial service, free download, discount code, or FREE Gift with Offer.  Be sure to have an expiration date no longer than 1 month, as this will increase response rates by urgency.  

EDDM enables you to mail local postal routes without needing addresses for these customers.  The USPS reduces postage, since this is inserted into the traditional daily mailers delivered on each route.  You must select full routes by map and pay by carrier route.  This is a very affordable method of direct marketing and very successful as reported by the DMA.

These are very affordable as they’re the size of a business card and you don’t want gloss – let’s get yours printed in time for Valentine’s Day.  Give us a ring: 949-586-3800

Valentine Marketing Tip #3: 

Launch a SWEET loyalty program with punch cards for retail. 

Customers love being rewarded for their business.  Loyalty marketing is a tried and true method to get customers to spend their money with you and not to spread it among your competitors.  Airlines are the most famous of the bunch, though Starbucks is the most used among the world.  Some businesses worry they are giving benefits to those that would already come back.  Many studies have shown this to not be true; its these programs that make people come back and as with any marketing, there is a cost.  You must invest in keeping your customers.  Probably not as much as you think, even as large as Starbucks is, only 20% of their customers select to use the program.  But those that do are UBER customers and visit more often, spend more money, bring more friends, and talk about their brand like evangelists…small price to pay in exchange.

Your loyalty punch card can be based on how many visits / purchases the customer makes or behaviors they do.  You may reward customers for referring friends and after 10 friends, they get a discount or FREE Gift.  The FREE Gift is a great opportunity to use an affordable premium that can be branded with your business and useful to your customer.  High perceived value with usefulness and your brand, will align you as top of mind and a good company to do business with.

And if you’re looking for branded premiums, you’d be surprised what we can print on.  Wine labels is a very popular one!

These 3 Valentines marketing tips are sure to meet your goals while providing sweet feelings of appreciation to your clients.  Each of these bring relevance to your product and customer connection, engagement, and top of mind intention.  With a complete and reliable marketing plan, these Valentines’ marketing initiatives will play into your multiple exposures and formats to deliver persistent customer acquisition and repeat business.