Call (949) 586-3800 to discuss your next print project.
Call (949) 586-3800 to discuss your next print project.
Tropical Wedding Invitations in Laguna Beach California

It has been noted that we consume up to 10,000 ads a day with current media interactions from our phone, billboards, TV, email, websites, social media, word-of-mouth, referral programs, search ads, and direct mail.  The good news with direct mail is that you can feel it, it’s tactile, and people save it.  When people save something, it gives them more exposures than just the 1st impression.  This is no different than with printed invitations.

Whether it be your wedding invitations, church group, lunch and learn, workshop, graduation, or baby shower, print is how you drum up the, “show up”.  Print also gives a greater need to RSVP as it adds a level of importance to events.

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When you’re designing your print invitations, remember to include all the very important pieces:






Be sure to ask your guests to RSVP by a certain date. This is helpful to the host to determine head count for food and seats, but also acts as a sense of scarcity that you must claim your spot or there will not be room for you to, just show up.  In business, this is a great tactic, but with weddings it’s a serious reality and why you enclose self-addressed and pre-stamped envelopes with printed reply cards enabling you to have meal selection options. For any occasion, it’s a good idea and helps with follow through.

Adding engagement tools to your invitations can increase response.  Consider a QR code on your invitation.  For a wedding invitation, this could take you to the couples’ wedding website or wedding registry and even increase gifts from those that cannot make it.  For a workshop invitation, this could lead you to an online form that needs to be filled out prior to the workshop, and for a lunch and learn this may be a place to ask individual questions about what the attendees skill level is and what they are expecting to get out of the event.

Custom printed and perforated tear off cards

Consider adding printed tickets to your invitation. This also adds a connotation of value that there are tickets needed to enter.  Tickets can also be a secondary branding piece with directions and details the recipient will save.  Tickets have shown to increase response rate and attendance.

Consider adding a URL with a video that will give you more information on the event you are requesting attendance at.  This may also be a special message from the couple for their wedding. Video is also highly engaging once you get someone to view it – use powerful print to get your video the attention it needs.

Once you’re set with these elements, you can start to have some fun with paper, colors, design, messaging, and themes.  There are myriads of design options for printed invitations.  If you are looking for wedding invitations, we have wedding invitation books you can come in and shop or you can browse online here>>

Save the date invitations are often done by postcard style mailings.  These enable you to save money on mail format Save the Date cards are the best way to ensure your guests attend your not include an envelope and yield high response rates over other mailing pieces.  This format also enables you to do Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) which saves money on postage and lets you use local mail carrier routes to target customers rather than needing your own list to prospect.  Churches will often send out Easter Sunday invitations using EDDM to local neighborhoods inviting them to one of many Easter events.   To see our save the date invitations, click here>

Graduation is around the corner.  Be sure your graduate has seen the fun options for graduation invitations.  The “yawn” university invitations lack personality and the ability to customize.  This is the place to wish your grad the best with the best of their personality and forward-looking endeavors. Check out some of our Graduation Invitation designs or tell us about the design you’d like to have made and we can do a custom graduation invitation design just for your graduate.

Thinking outside of the box, you can also invite your clients to online events using direct mail.  Consider sending an EDDM post card to your local community for the service you provide, whether this be a political campaign, a legal service, a resume writing service, a dry cleaner, or many other options; drive people online to register for an upcoming webinar where they learn more about your service and you collect their email address.  Email addresses can cost up to $2 a piece, so gathering these is valuable to future marketing efforts on top of getting webinar registrants.

When it comes to printed invitations, we certainly know people love receiving them.  They typically receive higher RSVP rates and attendance rates.  Whether this is personal or business, we all know it’s pretty important to have people show up to the event we’re spending time and money planning.   Let us consult on your next event and how to create an invitation designed to wow and drive response.