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Call (949) 586-3800 to discuss your next print project.
Church Bulletins Laguna Woods California

Your church has many strengths that keep your members coming back every week.  You may have a strong youth outreach program, men’s and women’s ministry programs, a dynamic speaker and many other attributes that make your church great.  Using these differentiators, you will fuel your outreach program and build the robust fellowship a church needs to thrive.

Outreach and awareness is an integral effort for any organization, especially a community-based organization like your church.  Whenever there is an event or activity at your church it must be properly presented and announced to your current congregation as well as leveraged to target potential new members.

It is up to you to ensure you are using church outreach techniques to get and keep people’s attention.  Some of the best church outreach tools include printed materials; this enables education and messaging the user can carry with them.  Church printing opens many doors to entice potential new members to visit your church and to also remind current members why they should be attending every week as well as looking into special programs to stay more engaged with the church to live a more fulfilled and best life possible.

To truly create awareness around your church, you will need multiple touchpoints. The ideas are endless when it comes to church printing.  There are door hangers, banners and signs, bulletins, flyers, booklet printing and tithing envelopes to name a few.

Below are some printing ideas to help get your church brand and message out to the masses.  These ideas are simple and affordable ways to broaden your outreach strategy into the community.

Church Printing Door Hangers

  1. Church Door Hangers
  • They connect with your audience at their front door – a place where everyone passes.
  • They are unobtrusive. No need to interrupt someone’s day by knocking on the door.
  • Their size allows enough room for an invitation, address, the next week’s services, special events or a special message.
  • Church members become involved and vested in outreach by having volunteers place the door hangers on individual doors.
  • Some door hangers have a tear-off at the bottom that acts as a business card or activation card.
  • The design can match your own church logo and coloring for an outreach event or campaign.

Church Printed Banners

  1. Banners and Signs
  • A-Frame Signs – Easy way to get visitors to your church. They are eye-catching along a busy road, the front lawn of your church or placed around the church grounds.
  • Horizontal Banners – Helps your church make a bold statement. You can choose from a range of sizes to fit any outdoor space.  A simple message in a large bold font catches the eye of everyone driving by.
  • Retractable Signs – These are great to use around church grounds during services. You can direct members to specific areas for Sunday School, Bible Study or the preferred Church entrance.  These signs can be used at events as well to bring attention to your church identity.
  • Yard Signs – These are usually small and portable, easy to set-up in strategic areas outside of your church and around town. Ask church members to put them in their own yards to help promote special events/services.  Also great for directing people at your church.

Custom Printed Church Bulletins

  1. Church Bulletins

Church bulletins help get the word out for different events and activities.  Bulletins announce upcoming events and act as an invitation beyond the walls of the church.  Church bulletins can be used to announce information on:

  • Men’s and women’s ministries
  • Weddings
  • Youth outreach programs
  • Sunday school
  • Group meetings
  • Church fundraisers
  • Communion or Confirmation meetings
  • Vacation Bible study
  • Holiday services
  • Worship rallies
  • Baptism classes
  • Adoption seminars

Custom Church Booklet Printing

  1. Church Booklet Printing

Booklets are a great way to give a mini-course overview for upcoming retreats or ministries.  Church booklets enable a well thought out format to present your message with bright and vivid images as well as your written ministry message.

Booklets give a great way to engage your fellowship with spaces for notes and reflection on the messages being shared.  Do you actively encourage your members to do something when away from the church?  This is a good way to have your message in front of your member during the week to reflect and journal what it is they followed through the week.

You may also have tear-out cards in your booklets to invite a new member to an upcoming service or special event.  No matter your long-form messaging needs, church booklets are a great way to produce professional quality messaging in a handy format that your church members may take away with them.

custom printing tithing envelopes

  1. Tithing Envelopes

Today 50% of tithers continue to donate using check or cash.  Many feel a sense of satisfaction when labeling a paper envelope and inserting cash or writing out a check.

With half of the American churches qualified to benefit from tithing envelopes, churches are wise to offer well-designed envelopes to their members and guests.

Three benefits of printing nice tithing envelopes:

  1. Keeps your member’s finances organized and they are less likely to skip a week of donations.
  2. Envelopes give members a sense of privacy and security.  Tithing envelopes offer consistency and peace of mind for those who aren’t yet comfortable with online giving.
  3. Envelopes keep members connected by also using the envelope as a source of information for upcoming events or newsworthy items.

With well-designed printed material, an enthusiastic group of volunteers, and a little footwork, you can be well on your way to inviting your neighborhood to getting to know your church.

Stay tuned for more church printing strategies!