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Cheap Table Top Displays in Orange County

Table Top Displays Printing Services in Orange County

Printex Printing and Graphics’ Table Top Displays deliver maximum impact with little effort! These retractable banners are printed on 10mil premium indoor vinyl, just like our full-size Banner Stands, and are available in various tabletop-friendly sizes. This product is ideal for pop-up displays at trade shows, university orientations, and other indoor events.

The clear acrylic structure is a durable and non-distracting frame for any marketing artwork. These acrylic table signs are seen in retail outlets, restaurants, and other public places to show signage. Think of tabletop advertising displays to offer a restaurant menu deal or happy hour specials. This table sign holder is small enough not to take up much space, but it’s still big enough to catch people’s attention.

The Advantages of a Table Top Display


Tabletop displays offer a lot of bang for your buck. Because they are smaller, they are less expensive than their larger display counterparts. They spend less money on the smaller booths at trade shows. They don’t have to pay for their exhibit’s installation, dismantling, or transportation. In addition, shipping is affordable due to its compact size.


There are endless opportunities to use these displays in various settings outside trade shows. They’re used to make presentations at job fairs, executive seminars, conferences, product launches, corporate meetings, presentations, panel board discussions, and several other events. Even beyond the trade show, they provide excellent value for money.

Easy to Transport

Because of their tiny volume and low weight, you won’t need to use courier services; they’ll easily fit in your vehicle. It’s a one-person operation to bring them home, and many people have their shipping boxes.

They Are Ideal for Small Booths

They fit in a small location and are ideal for little booths since they stand on the table, freeing up floor space and alleviating congestion. When you have a limited number of workers to staff the booth, visitors tend to overburden overwhelmed personnel in bigger booths. This makes putting up an exhibit in an introductory style much more manageable.

Maintaining Focus

The fact that the display is close to the attendant’s face on top of the table means there is very little room for distractions. Additionally, visitors are drawn to it because of the apparent display angle- acting as a focal point.

Empowers You to Show Off Your Business

Since it is always on the table, the consumer is unlikely to forget about it. Tabletop displays have been used in office settings, boutiques, hotels, restaurants, and clubs to invite visitors.

Very Customizable

Table Top displays offer a customizable experience for businesses, with different shapes, sizes, and graphics that can be replaced to change the look of your presentation. You can also input your logos and designs. This personalization comes across as efficient to customers, giving you an advantage in capturing their attention.

Easy Setup

One person can set up the tabletop roll banner in less than a minute without any tools, and taking it down is even simpler.


Because they are lightweight and collapsible, tabletop displays are easy to move around. You can transport them in compact carry bags.

As you can see, there are endless options and uses for this type of display frame. These designs can be fully customized. Additionally, it is an inexpensive alternative to more prominent banners.

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