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Rigid Signs Printing Services In Orange County

Printex Printing and Graphics offers a wide range of Rigid Signs, whatever your signage needs. We have the perfect option for you—lightweight, durable, and promotional to permanent. These signs are an economical choice for professional-looking prints.

Rigid signs are an ideal type of signage and a key to optimizing your personal or business projects. At Printex we’ve been designing and printing signage since 1984. We can assist with uploading your artwork, or we can design signs to your vision. This way, you can create a sign tailored specifically for your needs! If you don’t have artwork or need help, we will work with you to create a great sign.

We offer several materials for our signs, including Foam Boards, PVC and Polystyrene Boards, Cardboards, Corrugated Plastic Boards, Aluminum Boards, and Acrylic Boards! We’ve listed some of our most popular types and materials below!


Coroplast is a lightweight and versatile material perfect for temporary outdoor signage, such as directional signs for special events. This type of material can be printed on both sides and cut into virtually any shape, making it an ideal choice for human “sign spinners.” This material is durable, and Coroplast will last for years when used indoors.

Foam Core Board

Foam Core Board is a rigid, large printing medium commonly used to create trade show graphics and life-size cutouts. As a result, Foam Core may be thin (1/4″) or thick (1/2″), depending on the requirement for stiffness, and has a double-sided printing option. Glossy or matte finishes are available, making this an inexpensive and versatile material for indoor signage.

PVC (Sintra)

Sintra PVC is a fantastic choice for outdoor signs since it’s long-lasting, has excellent scratch and dent resistance, and has heat tolerance. Additionally, your printing won’t fade, and the colors will stay sharp and vibrant since the PVC board is moisture resistant. Above the door of a commercial or warehouse building, many businesses will select this material.

Ultra Board

Ultra Board is the way to go when you need a more detailed graphic, such as a photograph or a multi-color logo, and want to build your company or advertise your products with a better quality sign that will last longer. This type of board is made of plastic and works with screen or digital printing for permanent displays and interior signage, including way-finding or backdrop applications in business office settings. As a result, it doesn’t warp easily and can hold a lot of ink without soaking it up, making it the perfect material for when you want to make a big statement with your brand.


Polystyrene is a flexible plastic used for interior shop displays. There are several different thicknesses to choose from, and we can help you decide. We’d be delighted to assist you in selecting the best polystyrene application for your needs.


It’s crucial to remember that the gatorboard is a composite. Gatorboard is a composite material made up of polystyrene foam, melamine, and wood-fiber veneer that is unique. It’s a little more durable than regular Foam Core and structurally stronger. It has an excellent lifespan for indoor signage intended to last years. However, cutting intricate forms isn’t as simple as some other materials. Because this material isn’t acid-free, graphics may discolor or break down with time.


LusterBoard is an excellent option if you’re looking for a metallic look in a lightweight material. It comes in various colors and sizes, from fence signs to billboards. Additionally, LusterBoard is aluminum that is painted onto plywood. You can’t get any sturdier than this unless you go with a metal sign. This type of sign is ideal for outdoor use and lasts for years, even in severe weather conditions.


Acrylic is the perfect material for those who want a glass-like look without fragility. Our production techniques craft high-resolution signage or artwork from this durable alternative to glass, making it ideal for use in galleries and boutiques. With acrylic, large format printing becomes more sophisticated and attention-grabbing than ever while maintaining a quality display that will last for years.

There’s no end to what you can accomplish with our robust and rigid signs if you take care of them correctly and store them appropriately. These sturdy multi-use signs are seen in advertising, activism, wall art, marketing, events, openings, real estate, and other purposes. Full-color printing on both sides is available in various sizes at a minimal cost. Even holes and attachments for mounting if needed.

No matter what type of Rigid Sign you need, we can help you design and print the perfect solution for your business on a budget!

We look forward to helping you with your project!

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