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Custom Restaurant Menus Printing and Design in Orange County

Custom Restaurant Menus in Orange County

No matter what type of restaurant you have, we can help you design and print the perfect menus. We offer a variety of customization options to make sure your menu is exactly what you need.

If you’re looking for something truly unique, our team of designers can create a custom menu just for you. We’ll work with you to understand your vision and then bring it to life. We’re here to help you make your restaurant the best it can be.

Menus do an incredible amount of work. They provide information about the goods and services on offer and brand quality, ultimately aiding customers in purchasing decisions. Our premium line of high-end stocks, laminates, and treatments will significantly impact your patrons! Share specials like drink discounts and weekday deal with total peace of mind.

Menu printing is a smart investment for any eatery since it is the industry’s equivalent of a brochure. Well-done pieces encourage customers to visit your restaurant in droves. When you start thinking about creation, these menu printing techniques will help you ensure you get it right the first time:

Choose Professional Paper

The standard of your food is not the only thing that will make customers happy–the quality of your presentation matters just as much. There are many types of paper to choose from, including 100-pound gloss cover, 80-pound or 100-pound gloss text, or eco-friendly recycled 80-pound matte cover and 70-pound matte text paper stocks. Placing your menus on high-quality paper sends a message to customers that you’re proud of what you’re serving them and it’s worth their money.

Choose the Best Size and Fold

You will need to decide how you want your presentation to function.

  • Do you need larger, extensive menus for table tops and small menus for take-out?
  • Will your menu be four pages or a tri-fold?
  • Will you be printing single-sheet inserts to place in clear plastic bags?

As a rule of thumb, take-out menus are much smaller, such as 8.5 x 11 inches, while larger 11 x 17-inch table menus have more impactful visuals.

Full-Color Restaurant Menus in Orange County

Outdated black and white presentations do not reflect well on your restaurant. With modern technology, full-color printing is more affordable than ever, so take advantage of it! In addition to appearance, you’ll want to consider the type of paper material you use for your food menu. Depending on the type of restaurant, some menu options will be more advantageous than others. For instance, if your eatery offers a new menu each week or specials every day, it makes sense to have inserts for specials.

Here we’ll look at some different factors and options when choosing your restaurant menu paper material.


Lamination is a well-known process. Of course, it has been in use since our youth days, but it may also be an effective protective layer for restaurant menus. Menus, outdoor signage, posters, and fliers are all frequently laminated. If at all feasible, avoid lamination; it gives off a “cold old-time diner vibe.” If you work at a diner and want to use this effect on your menu cover or business cards, go right ahead.

Is Lamination or Waterproof Menu Paper Right For My Restaurant?

If you run a fine dining restaurant, you should avoid using lamination because it can downgrade the aesthetic. However, suppose your business is a family-friendly restaurant with many children passing through the doors, a popular sports bar, a barbecue joint with numerous sauces, or other restaurants. In that case, it makes sense to have waterproof menu sheets.

Waterproof Paper

When choosing menu paper for your restaurant, you may want to consider using waterproof material. This option is different than lamination and can give a more luxurious feel to your menus. Waterproof sheets are also long-lasting and cost-effective, making them an excellent choice for your business.

Leather Bound or Larger Folding Menus

Leather-bound and more extensive folding menus are handy in fine dining restaurants and places that offer many foods and drink choices. Think Cheesecake Factory! It’s ideal for fine dining restaurants that open the menu like a book to see what’s available. It’s simple to utilize and lasts a long time. It also makes menu modification and updating easy.

So, Which Material Should You Use?

The material of your restaurant menu paper needs to reflect your budget and the style of your eatery. For example, leather-bound menus with paper on the inside would work best for fine dining establishments, while the waterproof paper may be better suited for sports bars or restaurants that cater to children.

At Printex, we’ve been printing and designing all types of restaurant menus for close to 40 years. It’s one of our most fun projects to work on because we collaborate creatively with our clients! While we can print on most any type of surface, with all different kinds of sizes, there are a few of the most economical and common types:

  • EnduraACE Waterproof
  • Standard Common
  • Eco-Conscious Brown Kraft
  • Natural Soft Touch Laminate

Are you looking for unique restaurant menu ideas? Consider some of these styles!

Backlit Menus

With our Backlit Menus, you can easily show off your favorite dishes and newest specials to customers. These menu boards will light up your business with impressive graphics and a wide range of colors sure to grab attention. Using these light-up menus will give off a professional impression to customers, who may even see them as custom signage for promotions or advertisements in restaurant windows.

Brochure Menus

Design your own unforgettable custom restaurant menus that will leave a lasting impression on your customers. With our convenient brochure menu printing options, you can make dine-in menus, disposable take-out menus, and more. Make yours extra special by adding images of food, staff, and logo or branding – and don’t forget the protective lamination to keep them looking great!

Saddle Stitch Menus

Saddle Stitch Menus can help market your restaurant or cafe’s cuisine and brand. These bespoke menus, whether for drinks, starters, specials, or other items, are ideal for making an impact.

Spiral Coil Menus

Give your apps, mains, and drinks a professional edge with Spiral Coil Menus. Perfect for menus with either lots or a few pages, spiral-bound books come with a rugged plastic coil that runs through holes drilled in the cover and pages. The pages can turn like a spiral-bound notebook and lay flat. Print your personalized menus on paper stock, choose your ink colors and specify finishing options to suit your sit-down (or standing-room-only) service perfectly.

Take-Out Menus

Custom take-out menus from us make food service a breeze. Options like protective coating and perforation let you add a coupon to each menu while still looking sleek and professional. Perfect for one-time use, these disposable menus can be included in pick-up orders or mailed to customers nearby – talk about on-the-go advertising!

Waterproof Menus

Waterproof Menus keep food safe from spills and resist wear and tear in the kitchen. Menus that are waterproof use a synthetic waterproof substrate treatment that can be readily wiped clean. Finish your menu with a UV coat to keep it moist-free, add folds or scoring for increased appeal, and ensure repeat business.

Whatever type of menu you need, we look forward to helping you with your project! Ready to get started? Request a quote today.

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