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Make Your Event or Business Tradeshow Stand Out with Rip Cards 

Tear Off Cards or Rip Cards are highly versatile marketing tools and have many applications. You can use tear-off cards on door hangers and rack cards to effectively market the service you are providing and have the tear-off (or rip) portion be a business card to use for future reference.

How often have you seen a clever or valuable ad that interests you, but when it comes time to take note of the contact information or details about their promotion? Well, if this has happened, then consider using rip business cards. Not only do they provide both marketing pieces (a portion for advertising purposes and another with a tear-off portion), but they are budget-friendly with endless possibilities. 

Tear Off Cards in Orange County

Rip cards are great printed products to hang on doors as you canvass a neighborhood. Our premium tear-off cards come in various sizes, paper stocks, and finishes. Think of using these versatile marketing pieces for items like Rip Business Cards, Postcards, Door Hangers, and Rack Cards. You can also place it in an information rack or pass it out at a trade show.

For example:

  • Rack cards make great marketing pieces and business cards. Your customers can rip off the bottom portion of the tear-off card to save as your business card!
  • Get creative with event tickets or postcards and use this portion to provide coupons for customers to tear off!
  • Got Green? Yep. We have kraft recycled stock for tree huggers or environmental enthusiasts.
  • Do you have a product to promote? Great! These work well for promoting your business by offering sales or coupons on the rip-off portion of the card. Tear-Off cards are also a tremendous 2-in-1 promotional item.

Rip Card Printing and Design Services in Orange County

Tear Off Cards are commonly called Rip Card, Tear Away Card, or Rack Card. Whatever you call them, these types of marketing pieces make a unique statement about your business and can be used to advertise your product or service in many creative ways.

A Tear Off Card is a cost-effective tool that provides valuable real estate for your company’s messaging about a product or service. Tear Off Cards also can’t get lost in mailing inserts which are often overlooked and discarded.

Tear Off Cards offer many creative marketing opportunities, such as a mailer, a donation form, an appointment card, special offers, school fundraiser forms, and coupons. One clever use is having the tear-off portion be a raffle ticket and letting the participant keep the top piece to remind your brand. At Printex Printing and Graphics, we love to design tear off cards. We will create and print a stellar rip card design for you! If you can’t think of your message, we will be happy to help you write your marketing message.

Make Your Event or Business Tradeshow Stand Out with Rip Cards 

When prospects see your ad, you want to do everything possible to turn them into customers. Rip cards from Printex Printing and Graphics make it easy for potential customers to keep your coupon or contact information handy.

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Make your tear-off card into a VIP card, a punch card, a raffle stub, or just about anything you wish! Request a quote or call (949) 586-3800 for more details on our customized Tear Off Cards printing services.

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