Call (949) 586-3800 to discuss your next print project.
Call (949) 586-3800 to discuss your next print project.

Tear Off Cards Printing Services

Tear Off Cards are a highly versatile marketing tool and have many applications. You can use tear off cards on door hangers and rack cards to effectively market the service you are providing and have the tear-off portion be a business card to use for future reference. You can also promote a product your business is selling by having the tear-off portion be a coupon that people can then use at your place of business. The tear-off portion can be a standard business card size and perforated for easy removal. Tear Off Cards are also a great 2-in-1 promotional item.

Tear Off Cards are commonly called a Rip Card, Tear Away Card or Rack Card. Whatever you call them, Tear Off Cards make a unique statement about your business and can be used in many creative ways to advertise your product or service. A Tear Off Card is an underused marketing tool. It is a cost-effective tool that provides enough valuable real estate for your company’s messaging about a product or service. Tear Off Cards also can’t get lost in mailing inserts which are often overlooked and discarded. One creative use is having the tear-off portion be a raffle ticket and letting the participant keep the top portion as a reminder of your brand. Tear Off Cards are designed to function on their own after the tear-off portion has been removed, leaving your brand and messaging in the mind of the customer. Tear Off Cards offer many creative marketing opportunities, such as a mailer, a donation form, appointment card, special offers, school fundraiser forms and, coupons. If you can imagine it, Tear Off Cards will be a marketing tool in your overall strategy.

Make your tear-off card into a VIP card, a punch card, a raffle stub or just about anything you wish! Request a quote or call (949) 586-3800 for more details on our customized Tear Off Cards printing services.

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