Call (949) 586-3800 to discuss your next print project.
Call (949) 586-3800 to discuss your next print project.


Design and Print Vibrant High-Quality Posters

At Printex Printing and Graphics, we design and print vibrant, high-quality posters that instantly beckon your customers’ attention. We are not joking! It’s time for you to display your dazzling design at your favorite coffee shop, the next big trade show, or the bus station. Our high-end, quick turnaround poster printing services offer various options to help make your next event or personal project a smashing success.

Professional Poster Printing to Show Off Your Unique Message

How you want to display your printed artwork determines your poster printing options. For example, some of these factors include your artwork’s size, material, and finish. We offer various poster paper styles made of durable yet lightweight materials for your selection.

Here are a few key features and ideas to think about as you decide on the best poster type for your ads and promotions:

Large Format Poster Printing

  • Popular sizes 24″x36″, 18″x24″, 16″x20″
  • Ideal for showcasing photographs at trade shows or exhibits
  • High-resolution imagery recommend for the best quality and to avoid pixelation
  • Choose between matte or gloss to bring out every detail
  • Great for indoors
  • Suitable for outdoors when we add a waterproof treatment such as UV coating or lamination
  • Several standard sizes to choose from (ask for a template)
  • Custom sizes are no problem

Mounted Posters

  • Popular sizes are 16″x20″, 18″x24″ and 24″x36″
  • Ideal for store displays
  • Great for posters mounted posters, sitting on an easel, or hung on a wall
  • Made of easy-to-carry but durable white PVC board
  • Our water-resistant treatment makes it perfect for outdoor displays
  • Double-sided printing if you need advertising space

Bulk Posters

  • Popular sizes are 11″x17″, 18″x24″, 24″x36″
  • Great for canvassing a large group and wider reach
  • For orders of 1,000 and up
  • Printed on a variety of paper
  • Great for community board announcements
  • Custom sizes available

From the classical World War I and II posters to modern rock music era 1970’s epics, posters have been a long-standing tool for publicity. You can never go wrong with printed right! You know what they say about the best-looking posters being simple! It’s true! Those renowned classic designs from centuries past had one thing in common: simplicity. The more minimalist your message, the better chance you’ll capture someone’s attention!

We typically use a glossy or matte high-end photo quality paper stock that offers various sizes. Use them as signs, enlarged print photos, or charts at a corporate event! We also offer lamination services to help protect the surface and to help the colors from fading.

The options are endless.

If you need help with your poster design, let us know! We have a great design team on hand to get your job done!

If you are a savvy graphic designer or already have your design created, please ask us for one of our standard templates to ensure that your artwork prints flawlessly! If you are printing a custom size, no problem; let us know what you need, and we will make it happen.

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