Call (949) 586-3800 to discuss your next print project.
Call (949) 586-3800 to discuss your next print project.

Perforated Postcard Printing

Perforation for a printed form can create an easy-to-remove tear off card, coupon, loyalty stamp card, or customer feedback form. Our wide variety of perforating blades gives you flexibility when designing pieces that need to separate effortlessly. We can also design pieces that can stand up to the rigors of post office mailing equipment without pulling apart.

If you are looking for marketing ideas, one of our most popular products is door-hangers with tear-off cards.
Our clients have had big successes with local canvassing with a door hanger and tear-off card marketing your local business; from restaurants to pet stores or lube and oil services, tear-off cards act as a bridge from your ad to attract the customer. It’s easy to remove from the door hanger and goes in their wallet.

Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff will happily offer perforation and tear off cards suggestions and solutions for your perforating needs. Call (949) 586-3800 for more details.

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 Contact us at (949) 586-3800 to discuss your next printing project.