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Hang Tags Differentiate Products While Adding Physical Appeal

Hang Tags Printing and Design Service In Orange County

For apparel and retail products, Hang Tags from Printex allow customers to attach essential information to their merchandise. Available in various sizes and stocks to represent the value of any product. Most people know that hangtags are the labels attached to clothing with general information about the item. However, many don’t realize that companies are increasingly using hangtags as marketing tools.

Hangtags might assist you as well as your brand in a variety of ways. At Printex, we consider the hang tag an extension of the brand. Too often, we see companies think of these labels and tags as an afterthought. Taking the time and energy to develop your hangtags may pay off handsomely later.

We offer several options for size, paper materials, and treatments for hang tags, such as:

  • Bottleneck
  • Regular
  • Pearl
  • Silk
  • Brown Kraft
  • Suede
  • Foil Work
  • Natural
  • Akuafoil
  • Raised Spot UV
  • Black Edge

Print Hang Tags in Orange County

What is a Hang Tag? A hang tag is a label that explains the item it is affixed. These clever little tools are great marketing pieces and include product specifics, pricing, care instructions, and safety concerns that customers should be aware of when purchasing. Hang tags also tell a story about the product. In addition, we’ve designed hang tags to include recipes and coupons. Custom hang tag printing allows your business to add important information about a product while showing creativity and originality.

Hang Tags Differentiate Products While Adding Physical Appeal

Tags are a form of marketing that is both effective and inexpensive. They’re an easy method to add personality to any product or service’s brand and provide it with more marketability and value. This additional value can help to increase sales by improving perceptions.

Hangtags Make An Impact In The Garment Industry

Stand Out On The Rack

It’s easy for products to get lost among the other items on store racks, especially clothing. To make your garment or product stand out from your competition, consider using a strategic design that will catch people’s attention. For example, this includes incorporating your brand logo in an eye-catching way, using bright and colorful techniques, or even opting for a strange and unique shape. All of these elements will help customers identify your product more easily.

Add Value To Your Brand

Customers will become more attached to and loyal to your brand when you use a hangtag that shares your brand’s unique story. As a result, this holds true for eco-friendly, locally sourced, or one-of-a-kind items.

Tell Your Story

Explain your mission statement and fair trade policy on a hangtag, and people will feel like they’re part of something greater. Society is more conscious of the environment. Because of this, most people are willing to pay extra if there is a good cause behind the price. The cause is important and needs to be explained.

Give Care And Pricing Information

Presenting this information on the hangtag makes your brand more transparent and allows your client to make an educated purchase. Many of our clients’ pricing strategies include ethical materials and labor costs, making their goods appear more expensive than those manufactured in the same store by mass producers.

If there isn’t enough room to display all the information, you might use a QR code to send customers to a website where you can clarify everything about the product they are holding in their hands in much greater detail.

Promote Your Business

Consider a hangtag to be like a company card. Use it to sell the item it’s linked to and promote your company simultaneously. Print information there that will draw people to your website. Promote your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Hangtags are great for offering discounts on subsequent purchases. It’s an opportunity for promotion and simply telling folks what they need to know.

Things To Think About When Creating A Hang Tag

If you’re a budding designer looking for a hangtag that does more than indicate size and price, we have some ideas for you:

Research Other Brands
Compare your brand to others in your market area and note the aspects of their branding you do and don’t like.

Details, Baby
Your hangtag’s typeface, brand colors, paper texture, and attaching method must all represent your overall brand identity while still appealing to your target customer. Don’t overlook any details!

Make An Impact
To stand out amongst the other apparel brands, you must immediately impact your customer.

Think About Logistics
If you are wholesaling, leave space for the retailer to include their SKU and pricing information. Why? When you leave extra retailer space on the card, the vendor can accurately track their inventory and sell your products.

Keep It Simple
A little bit of information goes a long way.

Promote A Call To Action
Include your website and social media usernames on the card so that customers may locate you later. Perhaps provide discounts or announce sales.

First Impressions Do Mean Everything
When a product is costly, it leads to the misconception that it is of higher quality. The consumer will notice if you go above and beyond with your hangtag.

Are you ready to start designing your hang tag?

Here are some things to consider when creating custom full-color printing hang tags for your products:

  • Be consistent. Every brand has an image. Create your hang tags marketing pieces to complement your company’s identity. At Printex, we know how to design a hang tag with this marketing effort. We know how to represent your brand effectively and accurately using the colors of your business and your logo.
  • Keep it simple. When working within such a small area size, there are limitations. The last thing you want to do is confuse your customer with too many visual effects. Try to stick to three colors and stay within the parameters of those you’ve chosen. Avoid using more than two distinct fonts, and be cautious about font sizes smaller than 7 points. People are used to reading 9 or 10-point type sizes in general. You risk losing your audience if your typeface is too tiny.
  • Stand out positively. Your product’s hang tags should be an extension of your marketing efforts. They should add value and be noticeable but not intrusive or distracting.
  • Don’t forget the hole! There should be enough room in your design for a paper drill hole. Allowing a keyword to get cut removes the hang tag’s informative purpose, detracts from your company’s reputation, and may even take away the perceived value you worked hard to create with your hang tag printing.

Hang tags are perfect for clothing items and bags in retail stores, dry cleaners, or coat checkrooms. Use elastic to attach labels to objects with irregular shapes like jar lids or gift baskets. Though you could employ it in many ways, attaching labels to market your products and increase corporate name recognition is a fantastic way to promote your wares.

Are you looking for a way to make your retail products stand out?

Custom hang tags from Printex Printing and Graphics are the perfect solution! We offer quality printing at an affordable price, so you can create the professional image your company deserves. Break away from ordinary price tags – order custom hangtags today!

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