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Call (949) 586-3800 to discuss your next print project.

EDDM Postcard Marketing Details

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is your go-to affordable solution for finding new customers in your neighborhood. EDDM marketing is a program designed by USPS to save businesses postage expenses with an alternate delivery type. 

EDDM is an excellent option to have if your marketing budget is low. It’s also possible to use it as a marketing test run to see what audience members are most likely to respond to your communication (especially if you don’t have the budget for reporting).

If you simply want to get the word out there – to anyone and everyone about your business, EDDM is a great option to consider. Usually, EDDM is perfect for generalized, non-specific marketing awareness or brand campaigns. Using EDDM can help you avoid high postage rates if you have smaller print jobs in a single geographic area.

EDDM has a few simple requirements to qualify for this affordable delivery type:
1. You must use a postcard for EDDM mailing; you may use an oversized postcard to get more attention. No envelopes or folded form factors will qualify for this discounted mail program.
2. You must select your recipients based on USPS mail carrier routes. We will be able to show you how many businesses and residences are on each postal carrier route you choose on the map.
3. There are no personalized addresses on these postcards, so using a tracking code is a good idea. 
The cost of EDDM varies; however, it’s usually a lower-cost option for marketing mail. You first have to choose between EDDM Retail and EDDM BMEU. The costs associated with these options are as follows:
• EDDM Retail® USPS Marketing Flats – $0.20 per piece
• EDDM BMEU USPS Marketing Mail Flats – as low as $0.168 per piece
Grow your business with direct mail advertising

We can help you identify your EDDM marketing opportunity. We select your zip code of interest or priority from our map. Once you pick a zip code(s), we can then drill down and target specific neighborhoods and business areas. We also can highlight:
• Postal routes
• Circulation counts
• Ages and population
• Income data

EDDM Retail Marketing Services in Laguna Hills

Circulation counts are broken out by consumer and business, making it easy for us to identify your prospects. We can find the densest routes if you need to target only companies. For example, if your target audience is young women between 18-25, we would look at university zip codes near you.

So many EDDM marketing options are very affordable considering their physical mail and have the highest response rate among popular media in 2019 at 5.1% response. Use an oversized postcard, and that rate jumps to 5.7%.  

Why EDDM for Marketing Services?

Check out these exciting stats from Taradel’s Small Business Marketing Survey and other industry leaders.

• Direct mail response rates are at all-time highs (ANA)
• 82% of SMBs plan to maintain or increase their direct mail usage
• Direct mail and social media deliver the highest ROI for SMBs
• 90% of Millennials believe that direct mail advertising is reliable (USPS)

During the last few years, we have seen many companies build their clientele using EDDM because it’s a great way to communicate with residents and businesses in your target area.
When designing your EDDM postcard mailer, these are some things to think about to include:
• Headline
• Coupon or Discount
• Call to Action
• Contact Information
• Photos
• Logo
• Testimonials
• White Space
And to add to the many benefits EDDM has that are in your control, you also can manage your budget easily with our pricing matrix below. 

With these discounted postage prices and higher response rates for direct mail, it’s time to get in! Print is Big reported that for every $167 spent on US direct mail marketing, $2,095 is sold in products and services. 

If you’re ready to start an EDDM marketing campaign, contact us so we can help you get started!

Give us a call today and we’ll help you get on your way to earning new business at affordable rates.  949-586-3800!

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