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Call (949) 586-3800 to discuss your next print project.

EDDM Postcard Project Pricing & Details

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is your go-to affordable solution for finding new customers in your neighborhood.  EDDM marketing is a program designed by USPS to save businesses postage expenses with an alternate delivery type.  EDDM has a few simple requirements to qualify for this affordable delivery type:

  1. You must use a post card for EDDM mailing; you may use an over-sized post card to get more attention. No envelopes or folded form factors will qualify for this discounted mail program.
  2. You must select your recipients based on USPS mail carrier routes. We will be able to show you how many businesses and residences are in each postal route you select on the map.
  3. Post cards will not be addressed and you will not get the addresses within the postal route. it’s recommended to use tracking codes for this purpose.

To find your EDDM marketing opportunity, you simply select your zip code of interest or priority from our map and we can zoom in and drill down on the neighborhoods and business areas on the map.  From there, we can highlight postal routes and get circulation counts, age, population and income data.  Circulation counts are broken out by consumer and business, making it simple for us to identify the density you are looking for.  If you are targeting young women between 18-25, we’d start to look at university zip codes near you, if you are targeting businesses, we will look for routes dense in businesses.  So many EDDM marketing options and all are very affordable considering it’s physical mail and has the highest response rate among popular media in 2019 at 5.1% response.  Use an over sized post card and that rate jumps to 5.7%.  

And to add to the many benefits EDDM has that are in your control, you also can manage your budget easily with our pricing matrix below.  Note that you will not find circulations that are even based on carrier routes, so the prices will not be exact, but close enough to make a budget and project your profit.

8.5×11 100# cover 6.5×9 14pt 4.5×12 14pt postage cost/piece 8.5×11, 100# Cover cost /piece 6.5×9, 14pt cost /piece 4.5×12, 14pt
           1,000  $                   525.60  $     467.36  $     506.88  $     157.00  $                  0.68  $            0.63  $             0.66
           2,500  $                   867.84  $     788.80  $     863.68  $     392.50  $                  0.50  $            0.47  $             0.50
           5,000  $               1,468.56  $  1,093.20  $  1,203.52  $     785.00  $                  0.45  $            0.38  $             0.40
         10,000  $               2,105.12  $  2,034.40  $  2,252.80  $  1,570.00  $                  0.37  $            0.36  $             0.38
         20,000  $               3,280.24  $  3,222.00  $  3,573.52  $  3,140.00  $                  0.32  $            0.32  $             0.34

With these discounted postage prices and response rates higher than ever for direct mail, it’s time to get in!  Print is Big reported that for ever $167 spent on US direct mail marketing, $2,095 is sold in products and services.  Those are some resonating numbers – Take advantage of the new, NEW: EDDM.  To see more direct mail success metrics, read our blog,  Direct Mail Dominance: Success Measures You Can’t Deny.

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