Call (949) 586-3800 to discuss your next print project.
Call (949) 586-3800 to discuss your next print project.


Booklet and Catalog Design Services in Laguna Hills

We’re the binding experts you need to turn your booklet dream into a reality! Printex Printing and Graphics prints and designs booklets, catalogs, and manuals to meet our customer’s needs and desires. Our high-quality staff and equipment produce professional-looking books perfect for any occasion. We also offer comb binding, Velo bindings, or coil starts, so there’s something sure-fire with us – no matter what kind of project it is in mind for printing purposes.

We are all about quality and bring that detail to every project we produce, no matter how big or small. Printex goes the distance to make sure that all of your booklet printing needs to look top-notch professional with crisp print, excellent binding, and quality paper, making your booklets a quality product to share information.

We Print and Design Booklets on a Variety of Paper Stock

With a wide variety of booklets available, we can create the perfect one for you. We offer heavy paper stocks with gloss or UV coatings and cardstock that provide better quality and durability! You’ll also be able to add index tabs, so the information is quickly accessible when you need to look up something fast.

Booklets are an excellent solution for retail catalogs, training manuals, and artist portfolios.

Booklets are a great way to organize your material on multiple pages. They provide more space for printing, enabling you to make high-quality presentations like Retail Catalogs or Artist Portfolio books that will impress anyone who sees them! We offer different sizes and stocks of paper, so there’s something perfect for your project. At Printex, we use digital print runs for smaller quantities and offset printing for larger quantities.

Think of Booklets and Catalogs for things like:

  • Medical Information Booklets
  • Art & Photography Portfolios
  • Business Training Manuals
  • Product Booklets

Printed on Premium Quality Stock (a variety of finishes and quantities available):

  • 100lb gloss book – a heavy gloss stock but lighter than cover stock. Great for catalogs and playbills.
  • 80lb gloss book – a lightweight gloss stock
  • 70lb premium opaque – lighter than gloss stock, a good choice when you do not want any coating. Perfect for workbooks.

Booklet and Catalog Printing in Orange County

Custom booklets are an excellent way to give your customers a personalized experience. Whether you’re creating menus, magazines, or catalogs – custom booklet printing will make it easy for them! Booklets, brochures, and flyers are compact, convenient, and easy to include in promotional handouts or giveaways – wherever you need them most! Our professional booklet printing can help make those impressions count with cover pages, full-color images, and excellent stitching that beautifully holds it.

We offer professional color printing, which enhances printed materials drawing attention and increasing readership. Color printing adds sophistication and personality to any booklets, catalogs, or manuals and positively impacts showcasing ideas. Color printing attracts the reader and is influential and impactful in business and personal decisions.

Booklet and Catalog Design Services in Laguna Hills

Printex has been in the printing business for over 37 years offering personalized services and high-quality printing. We deliver your job professionally on time and on budget to ensure our customer is satisfied and gets the best quality.

At Printex, we genuinely love what we do and pride ourselves on designing and producing a high-quality product that will meet your every need. Our talented team is always ready to go above and beyond for you, so call us today!

Printex has been in the printing business for over 37 years offering personalized services and high-quality printing.  Printex’s personalized service to its customers ensures the job is delivered on time and print quality is sharp ensuring our customer is satisfied, and getting the best quality for the price.

If you need guidance or design, we are happy to help.  Our professional brand team will get to work and ensure we deliver a professional product that you are proud to get in the hands of your customers, prospects, employees, and students alike.  Request a quote on your next project or call (949) 586-3800 for more details.

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