Call (949) 586-3800 to discuss your next print project.
Call (949) 586-3800 to discuss your next print project.




Perfect Bound Book and Booklet Printing

Printex Printing and Graphics Inc. prints booklets, catalogs and manuals to meet our customer’s needs and desires. Our high quality staff and equipment produces high quality professional looking printed materials every time! We also offer comb binding, velo binding, coil binding and perfect binding for your booklets. 

Printex ensures that all of your booklet printing needs look professional with crisp print, excellent binding and quality paper, making your booklets a quality product to share information. Booklets cover stock can be heavy paper stock with a gloss, UV or both, as well as, card stock for a more quality booklet cover. We also do index tabs so it is easy to find the important sections of your piece.

We offer professional color printing which enhances printed materials drawing attention and increasing readership.  Color printing adds pizzazz and personality to any booklets, catalogs or manuals.  Color printed materials are shown to have a positive impact showcasing ideas.  Color printing attracts the reader and is both influential and impactful in business and personal decisions. 

Printex has been in the printing business for over 37 years offering personalized services and high-quality printing.  Printex’s personalized service to its customers ensures the job is delivered on time and print quality is sharp ensuring our customer is satisfied, getting the best quality for the price.

If you need guidance or design, we are happy to help.  Our professional brand team will get to work and ensure we deliver a professional product that you are proud to get in the hands of your customers, prospects, employees and students alike.  Request a quote on your next project or call (949) 586-3800 for more details.

Saddle-Stitched, Perfect Bound, Velo Binding, Coil Binding, Comb Binding, Show Programs, Training Manuals, Pamphlets, Books, Schools, Educational Material, Workbooks, Sports, Marketing Materials, Business Presentation, Self publishing,
Annual Reports, Pricing Booklets

Booklets Printing Services

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